3 Ways JCU's International Affairs Department Can Support Your Goals

July 17, 2023

International Affairs is an interesting, multi-disciplinary field that provides a broad range of career opportunities to those who study it. At John Cabot University, the Department of Political Science and International Affairs elevates and enriches your education with the support of highly qualified and passionate faculty members, dynamic industry-related work and learning opportunities, and a diverse student body from which you can draw inspiration. Read on to discover how the International Affairs and Political Science at JCU helps students to accomplish their personal and professional goals. 


1. John Cabot University Faculty Members Offer Valuable Insight and Support 

Faculty members in our International Affairs Department are world-renowned and hold PhDs and doctorate degrees in their respective areas of expertise. They have enjoyed illustrious careers in prestigious policy-making organizations and academia, bringing cutting-edge research and practical experience to their methods of instruction. 

Our faculty members are diverse, coming from all corners of the globe and exposing students to their rich lived experiences. This is particularly valuable during the study of Political Science and International Affairs, where an international scope is necessary to understand the field and those affected by global policy.


Faculty member at John Cabot University lecturing in the international affairs program.

Faculty members at John Cabot University are passionate about helping students


Students are encouraged to forge positive relationships with their professors, who act as mentors to them and are committed to their personal and intellectual development. This way, they are fully equipped to reach their academic goals. Studying Political Science and International Affairs in Rome grants students the unique opportunity to learn from and collaborate with experts in the field through various active work and learning opportunities.


2. Dynamic Work and Learning Opportunities Enrich Your Understanding 

Rome is the perfect place to deepen your understanding of Political Science and International Affairs. As the birthplace of the European Union, the International Criminal Court, and various United Nations embassies, Rome equips you with valuable global affairs learning experiences in your immediate environment.

John Cabot University leverages our location through our vast international network of global policy-making agencies that grant our students plenty of internship opportunities to gain practical experience and build professional relationships that serve them throughout their careers.


Friends at John Cabot University discuss the international affairs program.

The International Affairs program encourages peers to interact about their views


In addition, academic conferences and events organized by the Guarini Institute for Public Affairs provide the perfect opportunity for students to interact with leaders from other universities, the journalism field, politics, and policy-making agencies. Students are ready to achieve their career goals upon graduation thanks to plenty of opportunities to learn and work in Rome – a major global affairs hub. At JCU, learning occurs through various channels, including from your peers.


3. Our Diverse Student Body Leads Intellectually Stimulating Activities

Our student body represents 75 different countries. We embrace an extremely multicultural environment that fosters understanding among our students. Through an awareness of those who differ greatly from themselves, students develop compassion and social responsibility, which inspires them to make a positive impact on the world.

By participating in student-led initiatives, clubs, and organizations that reflect our diverse community, you can connect, learn, and glean inspiration from fellow students. Making connections will help you uncover interesting truths about international affairs, others, and yourself. Our International Affairs Department supports the attainment of your academic, career, and personal goals. 


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