3 Ways Legal Studies At JCU Inspires Students to Enact Positive Change

July 5, 2023
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In many ways, the law is the most powerful tool for widespread change. It is considered the supreme authority that defines what is right and wrong within society through a set of rules and regulations that protect the welfare of citizens. In our Minor in Legal Studies, students learn the legal processes and procedures underpinning social change. 

At John Cabot University, the principles of legal practice are taught through a liberal arts lens with an emphasis on human compassion. If you plan to positively impact the world throughout your career, a Minor in Legal Studies is an excellent pathway to consider. Keep reading to discover how studying the law at John Cabot University will prime you to become a part of large-scale positive change.


1. Learn How the Law Is an Instrument for Change

The law can be an instrument used for change, as we’ve seen throughout recent history, how new laws have protected the well-being of those oppressed for centuries. We see the same encouraging trend playing out regarding climate change efforts. Though the health of our planet remains an immediate concern, many world leaders have passed laws and instituted policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ban the use of certain materials.


Girl minoring in legal studies at John Cabot in Italy speaking on a podium

Learn how the law is a vehicle for change and how to advocate accordingly when you Minor in Legal Studies in Italy


The impact of new policies can take time, but they represent the beginning of dramatic shifts toward a better tomorrow. The Minor in Legal Studies at John Cabot University will teach you exactly how the law works as arguably the most powerful instrument for oppression and empowerment. You will learn how to think critically about the current legislative norms and how to use your understanding of these norms to advocate for just causes.


2. Be Fully Prepared To Enter Law School 

Our Minor in Legal Studies prepares students to enter prestigious law schools where they can learn the skills they need to pursue high-power positions. Our expert professors impart key competencies like legal research, reasoning, and argumentation. Students also learn written and oral advocacy, two skills that are especially valuable to those seeking to make a positive impact on the world. Though law school does not require students to complete a specific undergraduate major and minor, being well-versed in how the law functions will make you stand out and more effectively prepare you for a career in law. 


Girl minoring in legal studies at John Cabot in Italy studying in the library

Enter law school after minoring in legal studies at our university in Rome


After law school, numerous opportunities await. Law is interdisciplinary by nature. Law school graduates seeking to enact positive social change find lucrative, rewarding positions in non-governmental organizations, legal publishing and journalism, and within international organizations. 


3. Make A Positive Impact Working In An International Organization

When you pursue Legal Studies in Italy, you are well prepared to find work in international organizations. Not only does our minor program provide you with a solid foundation in legal procedures, but because of the multicultural environment at John Cabot, those who have completed a Minor in Legal Studies develop cultural competence. This makes them the perfect candidates for international organizations where the best interests of those in need are a chief concern. With a profound understanding of the law and practical competencies, you’ll be ready to launch a purposeful career in the law field. 


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