How John Cabot's Student-Run Newspaper Makes an Impact

July 20, 2021
Students discussing what to write

At John Cabot University, we celebrate the creative expression of our diverse, inclusive student body. The Matthew is a student-run newspaper that provides an outlet for the minds and voices of those students. The publication aims to provide a medium of collective expression on campus, and a channel to explore issues of common interest in the JCU community. 

Whether you’re a budding young journalist, have a flair for the world of media and communications, or simply want to get involved in the community, The Matthew welcomes all individuals who have something to say. With news, creative writing, reviews, and opinion sections, the student newspaper at JCU has a niche for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at what the publication has to offer!

Celebrating Diverse Voices

At JCU, we are proud to host an active and diverse student body from over 80 countries across the world. In a unique setting like this, extracurricular activities offer a chance for students to get to know one another outside of a formal academic classroom. The Matthew prides itself on being a publication by students and for students at JCU. As an independent newspaper, it is entirely submission-based and led by a team of international students across different disciplines. 

The Student Commentary section lends a platform to the experiences and perspectives of our diverse student body. Contributors have the chance to speak on different issues and topics of personal interest. Likewise, featured articles may address issues of social, political, and environmental concern to raise awareness in the community.  


July 13 university in Rome

Our student newspaper offers a forum for the diverse voices at John Cabot


Showcasing the JCU Community

At John Cabot University, the community is the backbone of the institution. The Matthew brings together a team of volunteer students with different backgrounds, majors, and interests, united by their passion for writing. The goal of the publication is to showcase different issues that affect the entire JCU community. The team is committed to creating a platform for diverse and informed expression through which people can better understand the space around them. The Community Spotlight section offers an expose on the stories of different members of the JCU community, including notable professors and students. By placing the spotlight on the individuals that make up the life and soul of JCU, students can improve their engagement with the community around them. 


July 13 John Cabot

The publication examines the individuals and experiences within the heart of our JCU community


Explore the World of Media and Communications

If you choose to study communications in Rome, The Matthew is a great way to try your hand at reporting and digital media publishing. The structure is made up of a student-run board, which includes the president, editor-in-chief, and social media manager. Other key members include staff writers, copy editors, layout designers, a podcast team, and special contributors. Under the guidance of a JCU professor, The Matthew offers valuable experience for students interested in pursuing a career in the modern world of media and communications. 



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