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September 15, 2023
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Transferring credit gained from advanced courses and academic credentials in high school may seem daunting, but the process may be more straightforward than you think. Students who take these courses and earn these high-level credentials in high school can expand their knowledge and skill set in specific subjects. Setting them up for success in higher education, and they may even become eligible to transfer their credits to university. 

Not only would this provide financial gain, but it would also allow them to take a broader range of classes and better explore their interests. At John Cabot, you can take advantage of any advanced courses you’ve taken or academic credentials you’ve earned by contacting admissions and following the guidelines set in our General Transfer Credit Policy. Read on to find out how!


1. Understanding the General Transfer Credit Policy at John Cabot University

Our admissions team takes extra precautions to evaluate students’ academic credentials carefully. This process follows the basic principles outlined in the university’s policies and procedures for the transfer and applicability of course credits to a JCU Bachelor of Arts. 

Simply put, our team must verify that a student’s experience at another institution aligns with students' experience in similar JCU courses—including academic level, scope, relevance, and content. This experience is also documented by a fully accredited college or university and by students via course materials, projects, or exams.  Students must earn a minimum grade of C while taking these college-level courses to gain transfer credits at John Cabot.


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Transfer credits to gain an advantage during your studies at John Cabot University


2. Obtaining a Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation and Transferring International Credits Before Enrolling

At JCU, you can streamline the credit transferring process by submitting a Transfer Credit Evaluation Form and obtaining a preliminary transfer evaluation. This evaluation is based on your self-reporting of courses and grades, allowing you to directly provide the Registrar’s Office with accurate information about your academic credentials. 

From there, the Registrar’s Office will take over and flag missing documents that need to be submitted for further analysis. You’ll receive an official evaluation of your transfer credits and acceptance. Once official transcripts from your previous school are submitted, these transfer credits will appear in your JCU transcripts. 

International students can also transfer their credits to our American university in Italy so long as these were completed at an institution accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools or other regional accrediting organizations. Here, the international equivalent of regional accreditation will be considered, and a certified translation of all foreign academic documents must also be provided along with an official copy of the transcripts.


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Students will need to prepare all necessary documents and provide them to JCU


3. Receiving Credits by Examination at Our American University in Italy

Students who have completed specific college-level exams can also earn transfer credit at John Cabot University. The A-Levels, Advanced Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and Certificates all may be eligible for transfer credits. This is true if you’ve taken International Secondary Education Schooling Systems Granting Advanced Placement Credits.

Each of these exams and programs has its policies and guidelines. Still, they make it possible for a wide range of students at JCU to take advantage of their previous academic credentials and cultivate an academic edge in higher education. 


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