3 Ways JCU's Institute for Entrepreneurship Supports Active Learning

June 26, 2023
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Are you eager to explore your entrepreneurial streak? If so, John Cabot University is the place to be. With a number of expert faculty members with years of valuable industry experience to share, a vast network of international startups, and plenty of opportunities for our students to learn business best practices. 

While there is theory to be learned by students looking to pursue careers in entrepreneurship, first-hand experience is where the most important entrepreneurial education takes place. At JCU, active learning is a hallmark of all our academic programs and the Institute For Entrepreneurship is no different. Keep reading to discover how students are encouraged to take initiative and participate actively in their entrepreneurial education. 


1. Get Real-Life Experience Through Learn Do Share

Learn Do Share is a direct reflection of JCU’s long tradition of integrating experiential learning with lessons and other activities. It is an initiative that brings real companies into the classroom. It allows students to recruit the theoretical knowledge they receive in lectures and apply it in pursuit of solutions to real business problems. Through Learn Do Share, students get a unique chance to test their newly acquired business competencies, learn the potential constraints and challenges that exist in the business world, build their CVs, prepare for entrepreneurship after graduation, and provide valuable services to the local community.


John Cabot students speaking with business expert

Learn Do Share fosters experiential learning at John Cabot University


2. Explore Start-Up Internships At JCU To Learn The Inner Workings Of A Business

The Institute for Entrepreneurship is collaborative and teams up with the Center for Career Services at John Cabot University to provide plenty of opportunities for students to gain valuable experiences with established businesses. Within a variety of interesting startup companies, students get a unique insider look at what it takes to launch and maintain a successful business. 

Learn about the challenges faced by modern entrepreneurs and use the knowledge and critical thinking skills you’ve obtained in business classes to demonstrate your value as a business person before you’ve even graduated. 

Keep in mind that students pursuing internships through the Institute For Entrepreneurship should be comfortable in open-ended, unstructured work environments and responsibilities that evolve. These internships are rather competitive so get ready to use your entrepreneurial knack for competition to stand out from the rest! 


3. Get The Guidance You Need Through Our Mentorship Program

Entrepreneurship is a unique line of work. As a result, it may feel as though there’s a shortage of mentors in the field. That’s not the case when you study entrepreneurship in Rome. Entrepreneurs are strongest when they embrace relationships and collaboration.


John Cabot student receiving mentorship

The mentorship program for entrepreneurs at JCU will provide valuable support as you develop your ideas


With this in mind, the Institute For Entrepreneurship has developed a predominantly alumni-based mentorship program that connects aspiring innovators with experts who can help them develop their ideas, plan businesses, and offer general advice from their wealth of entrepreneurial experience. This support may give you the boost of confidence you need to go after your business aspirations. 


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