How JCU Develops Synergies with the Institute For Entrepreneurship

February 15, 2023
JCU business students having a discussion with each other

At John Cabot University, we understand that an entrepreneur’s success depends on their mastery of specific soft skills. For this reason, our business programs have developed synergies with our Institute for Entrepreneurship to prepare students for dynamic careers. The Institute for Entrepreneurship aims to provide world-class entrepreneurship education, instill a strong sense of social responsibility, and develop an international network of professionals and leading innovation hubs. If you envision yourself as an entrepreneur, read how the Frank J. Guarini School of Business and the Institute For Entrepreneurship come together to support your success. 

Our Business Programs Provide Cutting-Edge Entrepreneurial Education

An effective entrepreneur is privy to all the latest trends in their sector. With this in mind, our business programs, combined with the Institute For Entrepreneurship, provide instruction on the most current, cutting-edge entrepreneurship theories. Our minor in entrepreneurship is a unique program available for all JCU students. It covers a thorough introduction to entrepreneurship and strategic decision-making, technology and innovation courses, and industry-specific skill building. JCU students can also apply for our certificate in entrepreneurship, which requires them to take one of our 3-credit entrepreneurship courses, attend at least 3 entrepreneurship events, and participate in one of our experiential learning opportunities. 



Business school students are educated on the latest entrepreneurship theories


At JCU, we know the value of proactive, independent learning, and we provide our students with all the resources they need to pursue that. The Library Entrepreneurship Collection provides access to educational books, articles, videos, and other materials that business school students can use to follow their natural curiosity and expand their horizons. 

Regular Guest Lectures Inspire Students at Our Business School

Pursuing a career in entrepreneurship takes a significant amount of courage due to the risky nature of this career path. The Institute For Entrepreneurship organizes regular guest lectures each semester to inspire and inform students. Most lectures are carefully matched to specific business courses to maximize effectiveness. The input of external industry leaders is an integral part of the learning experience at JCU. Through guest lectures, students enrolled in our AACSB accredited business program benefit significantly from hearing first-hand experiences from professionals in the field. They get the opportunity to learn from the successes and failures of those before them. 



Guest lectures inspire and inform business school students at JCU


The Institute For Entrepreneurship Supports Enriching Learning Experiences

In addition to lectures from experts in the business world, the Institute For Entrepreneurship supports experiential learning through various engaging activities, such as workshops, mentorship, competitions, and social awareness projects like Triggering Change. JCU’s Institute For Entrepreneurship serves the entire university. Any student interested in business, no matter what major they’ve chosen, should take advantage of the many resources we provide for them to take part in the exciting world of entrepreneurship. 


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