How Community Service Can Transform Your Study Abroad Experience

October 1, 2021
Students who volunteered to clean up the neighborhood

Studying abroad offers students the opportunity to discover a new culture and way of life during their studies. This exposure to new experiences can be transformative, providing students with new perspectives and a deeper understanding of the world around them. 

Students who participate in community service programs while studying abroad can maximize this learning experience—boosting their personal, as well as professional, development. By volunteering, you can learn more about your new surroundings and the people in them, engaging with local communities through meaningful and rewarding work. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to develop new skills and gain practical work experience.

Here are some key insights on how community service can help you enhance your experience studying abroad at John Cabot University!


Implement the “I C-A-R-E” Values when Studying at JCU

JCU’s Community Service Program focuses on Community, Awareness, Respect, and Empowerment—making up the key aspects of the “I C-A-R-E” slogan. By participating in the program, you ultimately work towards building a caring community, contributing time and effort to help empower others. In this way, you can also benefit and grow from this process, knowing that you made a difference in the local community.

Community service at JCU has a direct and positive impact on your student experience. It’s designed with a set of key goals in mind, increasing your personal development and civic engagement as well as nurturing social responsibility and global citizenship to name a few. Through their participation, students can better integrate with the local community in Rome and give back to their hosts. Study abroad students eager to make the most out of their experience can participate in this program and contribute a lending hand in their new home.


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Community service initiatives provide study abroad students with opportunities for personal growth


Engage With a New Culture through the Italy Reads Program 

Study abroad students with a passion for literature and reading can help the local community by participating in the Italy Reads program, which collaborates with 200 Italian high school teachers from over 60 high schools across all of Italy. By choosing to study in Italy at JCU, you can spread your love of reading with young Italian high school students. 

As a community-based English language reading and cultural exchange program, Italy Reads allows you to learn from young students and discover first-hand how American culture is perceived by the locals of Rome. You’ll be able to explore key themes as well as historical and societal contexts of literary works. Through your interactions, you can develop meaningful friendships that encourage personal growth and cultural understanding—further enriching your study abroad experience. 


Sep 21 universities in Rome

Study abroad students can share their love of reading with young Italian students through Italy Reads


Make a Difference as You Study Abroad in Rome 

JCU Service Learning is the perfect way to get first-hand work experience in the humanitarian field while studying abroad. Here, students can participate in an internship at a humanitarian organization where they fulfill a fieldwork component, helping with the development of vulnerable areas and populations in Rome. This type of experience enhances career development and personal growth, strengthening students’ civic engagement and sense of social responsibility.

Studying abroad at JCU is an opportunity for self-exploration and development. Through a transformative journey, you are able to learn from an international community and make a difference that has a lasting impact. 

Alex Zafran, a former study abroad student from Florida, shares key insights from his experience.“[JCU] taught me first-hand that students with different upbringings, traditions, and world views will help you discover things about yourself that neither your friends at home nor your family members may be able to.” By studying abroad and participating in various community service programs, you can discover new interests, skills, and perspectives that open a world of new opportunities. 

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