Find Global Awareness as You Study Psychological Science in Rome

March 1, 2022
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The field of psychological science is concerned with the social, behavioral, and mental processes in individuals. It opens the door to developing interpersonal, analytical, quantitative, and communication skills that are essential to many fields like social services, science journalism, sales, and advertising. 

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science from John Cabot University, you’ll be able to pursue further studies related to psychology, including education, business, and social work. Our comprehensive psychological science program and diverse student body will build your global awareness, as you dive into different courses that are designed to widen your perspective of the world and the individuals within it. 

Read on to discover the value of a psychological science degree in today’s world!


Understand Human Development

By studying developmental psychology as part of your program, you can explore the many processes involved in human development. The curriculum at JCU dives into how emotional, social, and cognitive development affects the way that people grow and change throughout their lives. 

More specifically, developmental psychology allows you to learn about social cultures and how they can influence child development. When you study at our university in Rome, you’ll get to relate your studies to real-world scenarios, as you engage with fellow students from different cultures on campus, who may share different values or perspectives on the world around them. You’ll learn how the experiences they share with you have influenced the people they are today. 


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Interact with fellow students from around the world who share different perspectives


Explore the Field of Social Psychology 

Where you come from and who you interact with impact your social interactions and behavior. When you study psychological science in Rome, you’ll get the chance to touch on social psychology. You’ll get an eye-opening insight into how environmental factors, like social interactions, affect our perceptions of one another and the way we relate to new people. You’ll question how people form and sustain their attitudes, beliefs, and values within group dynamics. At the same time, you’ll explore how one’s perception or experience with prejudice, racism, aggression, altruism, love, and attraction can shape their social interactions. By studying at JCU in the heart of a dynamic city like Rome, you’ll have the chance to interact with different people from around the world and immerse yourself in a vibrant culture that will allow you to reflect on your own experiences.


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When you study psychological science in Rome, you’ll engage with people from all over the world


Help People Deal With Psychological Difficulties

Through courses in cognitive psychology at JCU, you’ll inform your understanding of human behavior when you examine the structure and function of mental processes that affect how people think and behave. When you study cognitive psychology as part of your psychological science program, you’ll understand how people consider information, express themselves using language, and perceive their environments and social interactions. 

As a student at JCU, this course will help you engage with your peers, locals from the community, and international tourists visiting Italy. It’ll allow you to explore the individual, situational, and cultural differences that shape how you and others relate to things like emotions, drugs, and culture.



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