Why Consider the TOChina Summer School Program When You Study in Rome

May 8, 2024
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As a student of International Affairs, delving deep into global politics and economics is crucial, particularly if you choose to study International Affairs in Rome. For those with a particular interest in China, a major player on the world stage, the TOChina Summer School program offers an exceptional opportunity. 

This intensive program, running from June 25 to July 5, 2024, in the vibrant cities of Turin and Milan, is a valuable gateway into the intricacies of contemporary China’s influence on global affairs.


1. A Gathering of Minds

In June 2023, the 17th edition of the TOChina Summer School witnessed the convergence of 60 PhD candidates, graduate students, young scholars, and professionals in Turin. This assembly for two high-powered weeks of advanced training covers topics including China’s politics, political economy, and foreign policy.

This tradition of scholarly excellence continues in 2024, providing participants with a front-row seat to cutting-edge research and discussions led by some of the world's most accomplished scholars on contemporary China.


2. A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The TOChina Summer School stands out for its comprehensive approach, welcoming experts from the Economics, International Relations, Political Science, and Sociology fields. This diversity ensures a rich, pluralistic perspective on current issues, enhancing the learning experience.

The faculty, comprised of acclaimed academics and policy experts, brings a wealth of knowledge and insights, making every session, from lectures to Q&A, an invaluable part of the educational journey when you study International Affairs in Rome.


A trio of graduate studies students enjoying summer in the center of RomeInteract with experts in a variety of fields when you study international affairs in Rome.


3. Engage With the Best

Activities at the TOChina Summer School are designed to maximize interaction and engagement. Running Monday through Friday, from 10.00 am to 5.30 pm CET, the schedule is packed with lectures, seminars, and round tables.

These are complemented by extensive question-and-answer sessions where participants can delve deeper into the subjects discussed. This format enhances understanding and allows attendees to engage directly with senior scholars, many of whom lead PhD programs and are affiliated with prestigious organizations worldwide.


4. Beyond Academics

The TOChina Summer School is also an excellent arena for those exploring future career opportunities. The program’s informal sessions are particularly beneficial for gaining insights into the professional paths available in Chinese studies.

Participants leave with a clearer vision of potential career trajectories and the necessary academic pursuits that can help achieve them.


A group of graduate studies students and faculty  at a formal professional eventPrepare for an immersive graduate studies experience when you participate in ToChina.


5. A Prestigious Collaboration

The TOChina Summer School is a product of a robust partnership involving the University of Torino, ESCP Business School, the Torino World Affairs Institute (T.wai), and John Cabot University in Rome. This graduate studies collaboration enriches the program, bringing together resources and expertise from some of the most respected institutions in the academic world.

Moreover, the school proudly holds the patronage of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and of SISP, the Italian Political Science Association.


How to Apply for TOChina When You Study International Affairs in Rome

Admission to the TOChina Summer School is competitive, with applications evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis. Prospective participants are encouraged to apply early by filling out the online application form from the program’s website. This ensures a spot in one of the most sought-after summer schools for those keen on enhancing their understanding of China’s role in international affairs.

For students at John Cabot University studying International Affairs, the TOChina Summer School represents a stepping stone to becoming well-versed in the dynamics that shape Asia and the wider world. The knowledge and connections gained here can significantly impact your academic and professional future, aligning perfectly with John Cabot’s commitment to providing students with a global perspective and specialized expertise.


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