Why You'll Love Residential Life At JCU When You Study Abroad In Rome

December 27, 2023
JCU students smiling as they enjoy Residential Life

At John Cabot University, we strongly believe in a wholesome student experience. Our University desires to help its students enjoy a fulfilling academic and social life, and our student accommodations stay true to this goal.

With our students drawn from over 75 countries worldwide, we understand the importance of keeping our diverse student population content. Our student accommodations have been designed to exude the warmth and acceptance our students will appreciate.

Students at JCU's campuses live in either of four fully-furnished residential accommodations that offer a serene and comfortable living space as they study abroad in Rome. Other than that, here are other reasons you can expect an enjoyable residential life at John Cabot University. 


Live on Campus in the Heart of Rome

Our students live in four apartments located in the heart of Rome. This means they get to bask in the fantastic sights of historic sites that dot the Roman landscape when they study abroad in Rome.

Our students walk past several Roman attractions on their way to campus within walking distance of their residence. From the majestic Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain to the breathtaking Roman Forum and many other famous sites, our students enjoy all the exciting views on offer. Away from the spectacular views, our students can slot seamlessly into Roman life, enjoying the rich cultural and social life that Rome treats them to.


Male John Cabot University student exploring the streets of RomeLiving in our residential apartments in the heart of Rome allows John Cabot University students to enjoy the historic sights of the city


Join a Diverse, International Community

With more than 75 countries represented in our student population, John Cabot University’s lecture and residential halls are picked from a diverse cultural pool. Our students share dorms and dining areas with people from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

The residence halls provide a melting pot where different cultures meet and learn from each other. Students gain fresh perspectives and a broader worldview while interacting with their international peers. Our students even set aside special occasions to celebrate their cultural heritage. You'll get to relish meals from different continents and share in the beautiful diversity that enriches our campus.


John Cabot University students hanging out at their residential accommodationStudying at our American university in Italy allows you to meet students from all over the world


Residence Life Promotes Personal Growth

Students at John Cabot University benefit from all the activities designed to enrich their living experience in our hostel accommodations.

This wholesome student experience stems from a concerted effort by dedicated staff and students alike to create a fulfilling student life for everyone on campus. From cultural exchanges and leadership opportunities to Italian-themed cooking classes and sightseeing adventures, our students are treated to several exciting events.

Students can take Italian language courses or stop by an insightful lecture before making the short 15-minute walk back home. These exciting social events help spice up the learning experience for our students.


University Housing at John Cabot Feels Like Home

You can enjoy maximum comfort living in the Gianicolo Residence, the Viale Trastevere, or any other residence. All the residential accommodations at JCU come fully equipped with all the amenities and facilities you'll expect to find in a modern-day university housing facility. The rooms are spacious, with large closets, reading desks, mini-fridges, sizable beds, and other things.

John Cabot University Alumna Daniela Bolzoni said, “Living in JCU housing allowed me to easily make long-lasting friendships because we all lived in the same building. This made the transition from leaving home easier. Also, whenever I needed help or someone to give me some friendly advice, I could always count on the Resident Assistants!”

“The apartment was new, and we had cleaning services that came once a week to clean the common areas. I got along very well with the other girls, and we are still really close friends. I shared my apartment with four other girls. The apartment had two rooms: one that I shared with two girls from Brazil and Germany, and we shared the bathroom as well. Meanwhile, the other room had the other two girls from California and Texas, and they had their own bathroom,” she continues.

Students can enjoy round-the-clock security, Wi-Fi service, and many quality meals at the in-house cafeteria. Apartments in the Viale Trastevere feature a kitchen, dining area, and a spacious living room. Our students get all of the things they need to feel as comfortable and content as they can be.


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