How to Get Involved in the Community When You Study Abroad in Rome

November 29, 2023
A group of students posing as they study abroad in Rome

The Eternal City is a beautiful place, home to a diverse population. If you’re thinking about studying abroad in Rome, there are many rich cultural experiences in store for you. At John Cabot University, we know how lucky we are to be situated in such a landmark location and within such a welcoming community. For this reason, we are committed to giving back. To make the most of your time with us, be sure to seek out opportunities to get involved in the local community that we are so fortunate to be a part of. 

Additionally, community engagement at JCU offers many personal, career, and social benefits. Getting involved in the community is a great way to deepen your relationship with our institution, which is beneficial as we strive to provide career support for our alumni. Keep reading to learn how we support you as you leave a positive mark on Rome while studying abroad.


Get Involved in Our Community Service Program When You Study Abroad in Rome

The Community Service Program at JCU offers a variety of opportunities to give back throughout the semester. The slogan, "I C-A-R-E,” reflects the program’s goal to spread community, awareness, respect, and empowerment. The following learning objectives ensure that our students understand the unique needs and challenges of various populations within the same community.

  • Increase students’ personal development and civic engagement
  • Nurture a sense of social responsibility and global citizenship
  • Increase understanding of the issues pertinent to the institutions with whom they work
  • Integrate students in the Roman Community, as well as give back to the locals that host JCU’s international student body

Students are encouraged to develop an appreciation and respect for our differences and engage in symbiotic relationships where give-and-take benefits everyone. When you study abroad in Rome, we will support your efforts to give back through regular activities such as serving meals, city clean up, and assisting those with disabilities. Those who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their volunteer work can earn the Certificate of Participation or The Honor Cord, which endows them with a much-deserved sense of pride and significant vocational value.

American university in Italy-3Give back to the community when you study abroad in Rome


Combine Fieldwork And Education With JCU Service Learning

Service learning at our American university in Italy provides internship opportunities to students in good academic standing who are interested in working in the humanitarian field and wish to take action. This program is designed to prepare students for civic engagement by connecting them with organizations that aim to develop vulnerable areas in Rome. We utilize our vast network of humanitarian organizations to expose students to work in various exciting and fulfilling fields, such as supporting the migrant population and helping those living with disabilities.


university in Rome-Oct-31-2023-03-49-51-3494-AMEnjoy many vocational opportunities through Service Learning when you study abroad in Rome


Serena Montefusco recalls her experience with Service Learning: “During my time as a student at John Cabot University, I discovered my passion for preventing human rights violations by participating in the Community Service Program and being part of the STAND club. I volunteered consistently at Joel Nafuma Refugee Center for one year. Once I graduated, I interned at a non-profit organization in Rome, the Leonarda Vaccari Institute, through the JCU Service Learning Project.” Thanks to the preparation she received through the Service Learning Program, She now works as a Project Coordinator Assistant for the UNESCO Chair and on various European humanitarian projects. 


Student-Led Clubs and Organizations Encourage Our Students to Champion Important Causes

Clubs and Organizations at JCU are created and led by students who are passionate about a particular field or cause and wish to connect with other like-minded students to engage in related activities and discussions. They present the perfect opportunity to explore causes that inspire passion in you. Clubs like the Grassroots Environmental Club, Queer AllianceWomen’s Leadership Initiative, and others strive to raise awareness of various pressing world issues and participate in community service as a team. 


Are you ready to help the community through our university in Rome

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