Meet JCU Professors: How Our Faculty Contributes to Student Success

November 27, 2023
A JCU professor teaching her students about sculptures at an art gallery.

At John Cabot University, our professors play a vital role in our ability to provide students with an unmatched learning experience. In our endeavor to produce high-achieving students, we choose high-achieving faculty members who are passionate about their areas of study, committed to continuing academic development, and care deeply about their students' well-being and success. Keep reading to learn about our professors and how they provide valuable support when you become a member of the JCU community. 


JCU Professors Are Highly Qualified and Committed to Professional Development

From an academic perspective, our university in Rome is committed to providing students with instruction from a diverse group of highly qualified professionals who are experts in their field. Our professors hold degrees from prestigious institutions like Brown University, Columbia University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Yale, and many more. Our professors understand that to provide the best education for their students, their academic development must continue beyond their degrees.


A JCU student speaking with a professor at an event.Continued professional development keeps JCU professors at the forefront of their industries


Their research projects continue to add value to their respective fields and vocational advantages to their students. For example, Professor Ieva Jākobsone Bellomi launched a project last year to help support female entrepreneurs in Namibia and Gambia. This is the example our faculty members set for students. When announcing the 2022-2023 Faculty Development Awards, our Dean of Academic Affairs, Stefano Arnone said: “Investing in faculty development is crucial to the success of an academic institution. There is a symbiotic relationship between research and teaching, and at JCU, we are proud to see our faculty enrich students’ learning experience with their cutting-edge findings.” Read how JCU professors continue setting the bar for high academic excellence here


Lessons Go Beyond the Classroom

Instruction at JCU is grounded in active learning. It allows students to follow their natural curiosity, developing their intellectual inquiry and reasoning capacity. Our professors are crucial to this process through their diligent planning and delivery of on-site lessons. In addition, students can collaborate with professors through for-credit research assistantships. Small classes allow students to interact closely with their professors and gain access to valuable industry knowledge first-hand. Our professors come from various backgrounds, with each one bringing their unique lived experiences into their lessons.


A JCU professor standing before a group of students teaching an on-site lesson in a museum.JCU professors facilitate active learning for their students


JCU Professors Act as Mentors to Their Students

Not only do JCU professors provide an unparalleled learning environment for students, but they also act as mentors to students. They care deeply about their students’ academic achievement and their well-being. Having been through plenty of years of university themselves, our professors are familiar with the challenges our students face, and they are available to offer support. JCU professors remain active in their fields, offering students valuable career advice and connections. See how you can start writing your own story at John Cabot University with the support of our excellent faculty members here:



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