Professor Spotlight: Coordinator of JCU's ENLUS Program Silvia Ammary

November 9, 2020

My name is Silvia Ammary, and I am the Coordinator of John Cabot University’s English Language for University Studies (ENLUS) ProgramENLUS is for those students whose level of English does not yet qualify them for entry to the University, JCU's ENLUS Program offers intensive classes in academic English.

I always tell my students that I have two children, Luca, my adorable 14-year old son, and the younger sibling, ENLUS, who is nearly ten years old. In fact, my nickname is the 'ENLUS Mom', as teaching for me is like being a mother: I deal with my students with empathy and compassion, but there is also the responsibility and the seriousness in the challenging task of making them grow academically and language-wise.

What I love the most about JCU’s ENLUS program and teaching in it is the global makeup of our students, as they come from different parts of the world. The ENLUS classroom often feels like traveling the world while you are sitting comfortably on your seat. I am myself a global citizen as I am half Italian and half Jordanian, with a degree in American literature from the University of Jordan.

ENLUS is not just learning the academic language skills needed to reach proficiency in the English language and meet the University’s admission standards, but it also provides a positive and supportive learning environment which helps build students' confidence and enthusiasm and familiarize them with the teaching and learning methods used in the American education system.

The most important way to make students feel part of our ENLUS family is to have empathy, nurture it, model it, and communicate it. This process of self-disclosure not only allows them to speak the language naturally and spontaneously, but it also creates a safe environment and a sense of community.

For those students whose level of English does not yet qualify them for entry to the University, JCU's English Language for University Studies (ENLUS) Program offers intensive classes in academic English. The goals of the program include raising students’ English proficiency to the university level, preparing students for the intellectual demands of university study, and providing a complete English language learning experience, both in and out of class.

Professor Silvia Ammary

Come and join our ENLUS family!

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