Class Review: Sociology 202

December 22, 2016

jcu class review, sociology classes, Clough Marinaro, jcu teachers, romeThis is the first time I’ve taken a sociology class of any kind, so as a public notice: I can safely tell you it’s all you can imagine one to be. This is a compliment to the class, I assure you. Sociology and psychology are different, as we were quickly made aware. Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. It focuses on the social behavior of individuals and their relationships with groups, and the social mechanisms that contribute to this. A mouthful, yes, but terribly interesting!

Professor Clough Marinaro is quite special in her way of teaching, approaching difficult or straightforward ideas and theories, and using relevant, present-day examples to explain them. She encourages all the students to participate in the discussion, and I am very aware of how much class contribution has helped me remember and integrate the more complex theories in my head.

Through difficult discussions about controversial topics, Professor Clough Marinaro creates this safe zone to express your feelings and contribute. Each opinion and idea is fascinating. No matter how little you understand it, sociology persuades you to try. It shows off the diversity of John Cabot, where there are open discussions with students from all over the world about an idea which is unfamiliar to the ideals you know from home. Posing intriguing questions and scenarios, sociology encourages you to think outside of yourself, and work on your sociological imagination. Recognizing and understanding the world outside of you and your home country is quite special, and I feel the Sociology 202 class really opens that door for many students.

It’s a humbling class, and a fascinating one to take. We covered culture, race and ethnicity, gender, among many other sociological topics. The broad scope of the class allows for a lot of space to really talk about what interests you most, as well as learn more about areas that you were previously unfamiliar with. Professor Clough Marinaro’s approach to the class really drew me in and expanded my way of thinking about the people of the world.



Bethany Anne Miller

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