How a Gap Year in Italy Will Push You to Excel

February 6, 2020
Gap Year

Are you thinking about taking a gap year but feeling worried about how it will look to prospective colleges, universities, or employers? Far from holding students back, a gap year is actually a great way to prepare for future studies and employment.

Living and studying in a new country like Italy with a completely different culture and language is a big step out of most people’s comfort zone. And as the saying goes, great things never happen in comfort zones.

You will have the opportunity to learn new skills, make friends for life from all over the world, and explore Europe. Read on to discover how a gap year in Italy could push you to succeed in your personal and professional life.

A Gap Year Will Give You Time to Discover Your Passion

After graduating high school, it can be tempting to follow the crowd and jump straight into university. However, taking a time out can help you discover your real passion.


Discover a hidden talent or passion during your gap year in Italy 


There is a well-known saying: "If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life"—and it’s true! While studying in Italy, you could discover a love of art, a passion for cooking, or a hidden talent for travel writing or photography that you never knew you had. This could shape your career path in ways that you never expected. When you return to continue your studies at home, you are likely to be more certain about what you want to do and therefore more motivated to achieve your goals and reach new heights.

Gain New Skills and Become More Employable While You Study in Italy

Choosing to study in Italy during your gap year will make you stand out to future employers and universities. As the job market becomes more competitive, international experience could be the thing that puts you a cut above the rest.

While at John Cabot University, students are encouraged to apply for internships and work experience. This will improve your resume and could lead to future opportunities. Employers value skills like foreign languages, adaptability, and the ability to take risks. Living and studying abroad is a good way of demonstrating that you have these skills and more, and that you are able to adapt to new challenges with ease.

You will also gain life skills like problem solving and independence. Living abroad is not always simple, and you will learn very quickly to rely on yourself away from your family and friends. These skills will help you later in life and make the transition to university and employment that little bit smoother.

Expand Your Horizons with International Experience

A gap year in Italy could broaden your horizons. You will have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world, as well as travel to all kinds of fascinating places. This is now more important than ever as our world becomes increasingly globalized.

If you want to work for an international company, having a network of contacts all over the world will put you in good stead. Experience living and studying abroad will also teach you how to overcome language barriers and cultural differences, so you will have little difficulty working with global clients.

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