3 Exciting Career Paths for English Literature Graduates in Rome

July 10, 2024
Students of our American university in Rome studying in the library

Studying English Literature at any degree-awarding institution previously meant one thing: the student was confined to the traditional academic route. Thankfully, the outlook is radically different these days.

In these modern times, an English Literature degree, especially from an international institution with English-speaking academic tradition, such as John Cabot University, offers many opportunities for holders of these degrees. Graduates with a background in English Literature can now pursue diverse careers beyond academia. The skills gained, such as critical thinking, communication, and cultural understanding, are transferable to various fields, including publishing, journalism, marketing, public relations, and more. Many successful individuals in business, law, and other professions hold English literature degrees.

Completing an English Literature degree in the magical and historic city of Rome can open you up to a world of career possibilities. This blog post explores three exciting career paths holders of John Cabot University’s English Literature degree can pursue.


1. Explore Publishing After Your English Literature Degree in Rome

For those who find joy in the written word and have a penchant for nurturing emerging voices, a career in publishing is a natural fit. Publishing professionals are vital in bringing authors' visions to life, from the initial manuscript to the finished book on shelves. Editorial positions offer the chance to work closely with writers, providing constructive feedback, refining prose, and shaping narratives.

Beyond editing, there are roles in literary agencies, where individuals scout for new talent and negotiate deals between authors and publishers. Additionally, marketing and publicity roles ensure that books reach their intended audience through effective campaigns and promotional strategies. The publishing industry thrives on innovation, with digital platforms and self-publishing avenues expanding the landscape, providing ample opportunities for those with an English Literature background from our university in Rome to contribute to the ever-evolving world of books.


IMG_1805Many students of our American university in Rome now enjoy careers in publishing


John Cabot University Alumna Giulia Maggiori is one whose career trajectory reflects this path. Reflecting on her journey so far, Giulia credits John Cabot University with equipping her with both knowledge and confidence to explore a career in publishing. According to Giulia, “[John Cabot University] helped me grow on so many different levels that is difficult to decide where to start. Not only have my English skills improved tremendously, but I was also able to develop my critical thinking. I learned that my opinion matters, which helped me become more confident in my capacity to undertake graduate studies as well as to embark on a career in publishing. One of the best things about [John Cabot University] is the sense of community. It will always be my second home.”


2. Converge a Love for Literature and Storytelling With Screenwriting

The convergence of literature and visual storytelling has given rise to an exciting career path: screenwriting. An English Literature degree in Rome equips individuals with the skills to craft compelling narratives, making the transition to screenwriting a natural progression. Screenwriters breathe life into characters, plotlines, and dialogue, translating the written word into captivating cinematic experiences.

In a world dominated by streaming services, the demand for fresh and engaging content is at an all-time high. Graduates can explore opportunities in television, film, or even emerging platforms like web series and podcasts. Pursuing a career in screenwriting offers the chance to collaborate with directors, producers, and actors, contributing to creating stories that resonate with diverse audiences.


_DSC6893-5-copiaGraduates from our American university in Rome have gone on to be screenplay writers


3. Pursue the Truth With Journalism

For those drawn to current events, storytelling, and the pursuit of truth, a career in journalism is a natural progression for English Literature graduates. Journalists play a crucial role in shaping public opinion, uncovering stories, and providing a voice for the voiceless. With a solid foundation in communication and critical analysis, English Literature graduates bring a unique perspective to the field.

Journalism encompasses various forms, from investigative reporting to feature writing and broadcast journalism. The ability to craft compelling narratives, conduct thorough research, and communicate effectively are skills honed during an English Literature degree that seamlessly translate into journalism. Whether reporting for a newspaper, magazine, or digital platform, graduates have the power to inform, educate, and inspire through the written word.


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