Finish strong! How to cope with finals

December 6, 2018
Alexa Shearer
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Alexa Shearer

The end of the semester is coming up fast. You're tired, you're homesick, and you're ready for the holidays, but don't give up! With finals right around the corner, it's important to fight through this tough time and finish the semester strong. And, if you get yourself in the right mindset and have a positive attitude, you will be able to end your semester even stronger than it began. Before you know it you'll be back home with your families, enjoying the winter break... just think how accomplished and relaxed you will feel, knowing you did the best you could on your finals!

Here are 5 simple tips on how to finish the semester off strong:

  1. Stick to a study schedule
    Start setting aside specific study time in advance so that you don't get overwhelmed during finals week. Sticking to a study schedule will ensure that you have enough time to go over all the material for each class. You can set aside days and times dedicated to specific subjects; that way you won't find yourself cramming the night before.
  2. Take advantage of extended library hours
    From December 2 until December 13, the John Cabot library will have extended opening hours. This means that you are free to study in the Guarini campus and have access to the library from 8am to 2am. If you tend to get distracted at home, or have noisy roommates, take advantage of these generous hours! You will be able to stay focused, utilize the library's plentiful resources, and even study with friends if you work better in groups.
    I cannot emphasize enough how important sleep is. Establishing a good sleep routine is important for both your physical and mental health throughout the semester, but especially during finals week. Pulling an all-nighter might sound like a good idea if you want to get the maximum amount of studying in, but in reality, you will be exhausted, and may even perform worse on your finals. Stick to your study schedule, make sure to eat healthy meals, and go to bed at a reasonable hour. A good night's sleep will keep your mind alert and ready to ace those exams!
  4. Reach out to your professors
    Your professors are there to help you. They want you to do well! If something is unclear or you are having trouble with your assignments, be sure to schedule a meeting with your professors prior to exams. They will be able to point out what you should be studying for the final, and can fill in anything you might be missing from your notes. If you are confused about a specific topic it's better to ask now, instead of worrying about it the night before your exam!
  5. Stay positive
    You can do it! Once you get through these exams, you'll be at home, relaxing and enjoying the break.With the right attitude and perseverance, you won't have to spend your winter break worrying about your grades. Instead you'll feel satisfied with your work, at ease, and excited for the next semester.
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