Why A Minor In Psychology At John Cabot Complements Any Major

October 4, 2023
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Psychological science is defined as the study of the human mind, its functions, and how it affects behavior. Any career pursued after university will involve other people in some way. When you understand people’s motivations and what causes them to behave the way they do, you’re at a major advantage no matter what your major is. Our minor in Psychology will help you develop positive professional relationships, view human behavior through a more scientific lens, and use your knowledge of human behavior to create successful results in your work. 


Learn About Human Behavior To Maintain Positive Professional Relationships 

Regardless of your major, you will be required to collaborate with co-workers or business partners at some point. People bring their own lived experiences, conditioning, and perspectives to their professional relationships. When there’s a lack of understanding of other people’s behavior patterns, conflict arises.


John Cabot students learning psychological science from professor

The minor in Psychology at John Cabot teaches students how to maintain positive professional relationships


When you learn psychological science, you’ll likely develop more empathy for others, knowing that their behavior may be coming from circumstances largely out of their control. That empathy can help you become more reflective of your own reactions to people which in turn, produces healthier relationships in all aspects of life. No matter what major program you‘re considering at John Cabot, these interpersonal skills will play a major role in your success. 


Studying Psychological Science At John Cabots’ Facilitates The Understanding of The Scientific Method

The scientific method is a procedure for discovery that involves systematic observation, measurement, analysis and reporting of findings. The scientific method is the system that allows us to formulate, test, and modify hypotheses, evolving our understanding of the world. When you minor in psychology at John Cabot, you will gain an in-depth understanding of scientific inquiry as it relates to the study of human cognition. As a result, you’ll develop strong critical thinking skills. These competencies suit any major, allowing you to process information in a methodical way, deepening your understanding of various subjects. 


Learning How People Think Strengthens Your Commercial Awareness 

Commercial awareness refers to the understanding of what it takes for an organization to remain profitable and relevant. Studying psychological science endows you with the ability to effectively analyze the motivations of clients, customers, and the public. The insights you gather with your knowledge of psychology will help you strategize and increase the commercial success of your workplace wherever that is.


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Learn what it takes to attain commercial success when you minor in Psychology at John Cabot University


Anna Buhmann found her minor in Psychology very complementary to her International Business degree. When asked why she chose to combine the two disciplines, she said: “We live in a global economy, and I am interested in business, so it made sense to major in International Business. I added a minor in Psychological Science because I genuinely enjoy learning about the subject. Psychological Science is also helpful in many aspects of business, so I thought it would be an excellent minor to include.” 


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