Students In Good Hands: A Guide To JCU Support Services For Parents

January 9, 2024
4 JCU students walking down the stairs in Rome

Are you a parent considering John Cabot University for your child? Welcome! Here, students embark on a transformative academic journey in the heart of Rome. Today, we’ll explore the support system we’ve put in place to ensure a fulfilling and successful university experience. In this blog, we'll explore the wealth of campus services at John Cabot University, shedding light on how students are in good hands from the moment they step onto campus.

JCU Looks Out For The Academic Success Of Students 

At John Cabot University, academic success is a top priority. The university offers various support services to help students excel in their studies. The Advising and Academic Success Program provides tutoring, workshops, and resources to enhance students' understanding of various subjects. From writing assistance to test preparation, the AASP is a valuable resource for students seeking to maximize their academic potential.


JCU student studying using a laptop and calculatorJCU students get access to plenty of academic support


We Support Career Success 

The university understands the importance of preparing students for the professional world. Career Services at John Cabot University assists students in developing essential skills, exploring career options, and connecting with potential employers through internships and job opportunities. The emphasis on career readiness at JCU ensures students are well-equipped for life beyond the classroom.


Health and Wellness Services Are Readily Available 

A healthy mind and body contribute to overall academic success. John Cabot University provides students personalized health and wellness services, including counseling, mental health support, and free consultations with our campus doctor. The Student Health and Wellbeing Office is committed to promoting a positive and inclusive environment, fostering holistic well-being for every student.

Housing and Residence Life Supports Safety And Comfort

A comfortable and secure living place is crucial for a positive university experience. The Housing and Residence Life team at John Cabot University is dedicated to providing students with safe and welcoming housing options. From on-campus residences to assistance with off-campus housing, students can trust that the safety and comfort of their living arrangements are a top priority.


JCU students sitting outside of the residenceJCU provides safe, comfortable residence options


When asked what advice she would give to parents sending their child to John Cabot University, mother Sara McMurray said: “To determine if JCU is right for your child, think back over the times you’ve given them independence and freedom in the past year or so. What have they done with it? Did their actions give you cause to worry? Did you wonder, “What is s/he thinking?” Then offer them more opportunities to demonstrate their current level of reason, self-control, and maturity.”

Students at John Cabot University can rest assured that a robust network of campus services is in place to support their academic, personal, and professional journeys. The university is committed to providing every student with a holistic and enriching experience from academic resources and career services to health and wellness support. With these services, parents can rest assured that their children are in good hands.


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