5 Captivating Career Paths for Creative Writing Minors

April 8, 2024
A student attending university in Rome and reading a book in the library

Have you ever wondered whether you could transform your passion for writing into a viable career? As one of our students, absolutely!  At John Cabot University, we help our students to realize their dreams by preparing them with a rigorous, multi-disciplinary liberal arts education.

Our Creative Writing minor is designed for students who wish to enhance their writing skills while pursuing various compatible majors. This program nurtures your passion for storytelling and equips you with the skills to excel in multiple career paths. Join us as we explore five captivating career options for Creative Writing minors. 


1. Get Imaginative as a Narrative Designer (Video Games and Interactive Media)

Narrative designers are the storytellers of the growing gaming world. They craft the plots, characters, and dialogue that drive the narrative of video games and interactive media. Their work ensures that the story seamlessly integrates with gameplay and enhances the overall experience.

This path best suits students who want to create an immersive escape for gamers and interactive media lovers. Our Creative Writing minor emphasizes the art of storytelling through its extensive exploration of various texts, fully equipping graduates with the skills to craft coherent and engaging narratives for interactive environments.


2. Appeal to the Masses With Your Talent as a Social Media Manager

Do your skills suit a commercial environment? If yes, consider a lucrative and growing career in one of the most suitable jobs for Creative Writing minors: social media management. Social media managers are the voice of a brand on social media platforms. By curating content, engaging with followers, and developing strategies to enhance a brand's online presence. Creativity and an understanding of digital trends are crucial in this role.


A student attending university in Rome typing using their laptopSocial media management is a well-suited job for Creative Writing minors


3. Use Your Attention to Detail to Become an Editor

If you have an eye for detail and a strong commitment to quality, editing could be ideal for you. Editors are the gatekeepers of good content. They review and revise written material for publication, ensuring clarity, coherence, and consistency. 

The interdisciplinary nature of our instruction style suits this path well, as editors work in various industries. These include publishing, journalism, and corporate communications. Our Creative Writing minor emphasizes critical thinking and attention to detail, essential skills for editing. 


4. Explore Technical Writing After Graduation

If you want to combine your creativity and love of writing with your understanding of machines and systems, technical writing is a lucrative path to consider. Technical writers specialize in creating clear and concise documentation for technical products and processes.

The Creative Writing minor at John Cabot fosters your ability to communicate complex ideas effectively.  By practicing your research and writing skills, you’ll be fully prepared to tackle technical writing challenges.


5. Put on a Show as a Screenwriter After You Study at Our University in Rome

Screenwriters are storytellers for the screen, crafting scripts for films, television shows, and web series. They develop plots, create characters, and write dialogue that brings stories to life. Our program encourages creativity and imagination, essential traits for screenwriting.

We encourage you to participate in our many performing arts activities and clubs if you're interested in this creative career path. Marilù Ciabattoni, who minored in creative writing, emphasizes the importance of involvement.


A student attending university in Rome working in the libraryThe minor in Creative Writing at our university in Rome fosters multi-faceted writing skills


Marilù says: “From my very first semester at JCU, I started sending my poetry to The Matthew, which is JCU's student-led Newspaper Club, for publication in what used to be their hardcopy monthly issue. However, I had never thought about joining, probably because of the shyness that held me back. When I became more confident about myself and my skills, I told a friend of mine who was already part of the Matthew that I wanted to join at the beginning of Fall 2020. I do not regret my decision at all. In doing so, I was mostly motivated by my desire to be more involved in the JCU community before my graduation, and hopefully use my writing for non-academic purposes. That's how I became a Staff Writer and Copy Editor at The Matthew in September 2020, while I’m still contributing with my poetry in the Creative Voices section.”


How John Cabot Prepares Creative Writing Minors for Success

Our faculty of accomplished writers and scholars guide you in developing your voice and style. Studying in Rome, a city steeped in history and culture, provides endless inspiration for your creative endeavors. Embrace your passion for writing and discover the path that leads to your success with a Creative Writing minor from JCU.


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