4 Learning Outcomes of the Minor in Entrepreneurship at JCU

August 22, 2022
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From learning business basics to creating a network that serves your professional endeavors, John Cabot University can help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. Our Minor in Entrepreneurship is a unique program offering business and non-business students to expand their entrepreneurial mindset to make room for innovation.

Whether students want to start their own company, improve their family business, or offer innovative ideas in a traditional business setting, they can benefit from this cross-disciplinary minor option. There are four pathways students can choose from for this minor based on their particular interests and professional backgrounds, making a personalized education available. Continue reading to learn more about each pathway and what possible outcomes you can expect.


1. Understand the Roles and Challenges of an Entrepreneur

Maybe you want to start your own business, but you see each obstacle along the way as a deterrent from following your dreams. When you study business in Italy, you’ll have a chance to explore the common roles and challenges that every entrepreneur faces, helping you create a plan to approach each one head-on when it comes time to start your business.

Based on your objectives for obtaining the minor, you will choose from one of the following four paths: For-Profit Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Innovation in Art and Humanities, and Innovation and Technology. Each path requires the completion of 6 courses that help students understand the context in which they wish to operate, and what challenges may arise along their journey.


Aug 2 JCU

Learn what it takes to become an entrepreneur at JCU


2. Learn How to Evaluate Opportunities

A great idea is only a great one without the ability to visualize and seek the right opportunities to make it come to life. At JCU, students earning their Minor in Entrepreneurship experience technology and innovation courses that help them understand the nature of each possible opportunity for their business ideas. 

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Recognizing opportunity is the first step, and you can also expect to learn the comprehensive process of implementing these opportunities during your studies at our American university in Rome. Gearing up for the opportunities they may encounter in the real world helps students succeed after graduation.


3. Define a Working Business Model

The entrepreneurial foundation is one of the three pillars of the Minor in Entrepreneurship. This involves a required course, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, which guides students through ideation, validation, and business modeling. It also requires a 400-level class-based capstone course called Strategic Decisions in Entrepreneurship.

Between these two required courses that ensure each student understands how to define a working business model, you’ll be able to choose from several electives based on your chosen pathway and your interests. From Web Design to Human Rights, you’ll benefit from this multidisciplinary approach to entrepreneurship. 


Aug 2 study business in Italy

Learn how to define a business model and cater it to your entrepreneurial idea


4. Develop Your Own Entrepreneurial Network at JCU

Here at JCU, we value community and collaboration in every program. This is no different for anyone taking the Minor in Entrepreneurship. Student life is rich with opportunities, organized events, guest speakers, an international student body, cultural awareness, and a strong alumni network.

Throughout your time in your classes and through campus events and activities, you’ll begin to create a network of connections that will only help you navigate the world of entrepreneurship. Classmates may become colleagues, and professors may become life mentors as you enter the next phase of your life after JCU.



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