4 Great Ways to Take the Lead During Your Studies at JCU

April 3, 2024
JCU students at Clubs Fair

At JCU, we pride ourselves on not just offering a world-class liberal arts education but also on nurturing the next generation of leaders. Regardless of your goals, the ability to lead will be a significant asset. 

Strong leaders succeed in their higher education endeavors by becoming active participants in their school communities, helping their fellow students to thrive, and, as a result, making the most of their learning. 

In the workplace, strong leaders play a crucial role in organizational success, taking it upon themselves to support the attainment of team goals. Throughout your career, strong leadership skills will help you to increase productivity, motivate, and boost efficiency for your organization, putting you first in line for advancement opportunities. 

If you value student leadership and career development, JCU has the right opportunities for you to shine. Dive into the heart of campus life, take the lead, and make our mark at JCU with these four fantastic programs. 


1. Refine Your Public Relations Skills in the JCU Student Ambassadors Program

Embark on your JCU journey by becoming a Student Ambassador, where you'll be the face of JCU to prospective students and their families. This program selects a diverse group of students who exhibit outstanding communication and leadership skills.

As an ambassador, you'll be able to represent JCU at various outreach events, conduct informative sessions and campus tours, and share your invaluable student experiences through different mediums.

It's a golden opportunity to enhance your public speaking, organizational, and team-building skills, setting a solid foundation for your future career - particularly if you plan to advocate for others and give a voice to community members in need. Reach out to admissions@johncabot.edu for more information.


A group of JCU students taking a gelato tour on a sunny day as part of orientationPractice public relations skills as a student ambassador at JCU


2. Connect with Your Fellow Students in Our Orientation Leadership Program

Part of being a strong leader is understanding, helping, and connecting with others. The role of an orientation leader provides the perfect opportunity to exercise your leadership skills as it requires participants to organize events, manage large groups of new students, and provide moral support during a challenging time.

In a recent discussion, JCU student Gioia Kunst described the challenges and benefits of this unique leadership opportunity: “Working with the Orientation Team is a big responsibility because we are the first faces that new students see when they arrive at JCU. We organize many activities for our new students, such as workshops, campus tours, and walking tours around the city center. As Team Leader, I am a point of reference for new students and the other Orientation Leaders. Orientation Week is a hectic time, and Orientation Leaders work in multiple places (campuses, the airport, and around Trastevere), so we must have the ability to adapt and communicate effectively.” 


A JCU student, Gioia Kunst, posing for a pictureGioia Kunst plays an active role in orientation week at JCU


3. Polish Your Administration Skills as a Resident Assistant

If creating a welcoming, respectful, and inclusive community speaks to you, the Resident Assistant (RA) role is your calling. As an RA at our university in Rome, you act as a peer advisor and a role model. 

You'll work closely with the Office of Housing and Residential Life to foster an environment that celebrates diversity and encourages students to appreciate and contribute to the cultural richness around them. This role is perfect for developing leadership, conflict resolution, and community engagement skills.


4. Hone Your Event Planning Skills on the SAB

Since its inception in 2019, the Student Activities Board (SAB) has been the backbone of campus life, providing a platform for students to shape their JCU experience actively. By joining the SAB, you become part of a dynamic team of leaders committed to bringing creative and inclusive events to life, from the Super Bowl Viewing Party to Women's Week and Health and Wellness Week.

It's a unique chance to showcase your creativity, enhance your event planning skills, and work in a team that values diversity and professional development. Ready to leave your mark? 

At John Cabot University, we believe in the power of leadership and the impact it can have not only on your personal and professional growth but also on the community around you. By participating in these programs, you'll enrich your university experience and prepare for a successful future.

We encourage you to seize these opportunities to develop your leadership skills, connect with peers, and make lasting contributions to the JCU community. Join us, and let's lead the way together into a brighter, more inclusive future.


Are you ready to take the lead at John Cabot?

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