3 Essential Business Administration Soft Skills You’ll Learn at JCU

January 26, 2024
Two students studying Business Administration at John Cabot University

The skillset of a successful business administration graduate combines theoretical knowledge and strong technical skills. At John Cabot University, our Business Administration Bachelor’s degree program goes beyond a traditional learning environment, emphasizing the development of crucial soft skills that are indispensable in the dynamic world of business. 

Today, we'll explore three essential soft skills that our students cultivate as they learn the ins and outs of Business Administration, shaping them into well-rounded and effective professionals. Keep reading to discover the soft skills we’ll help you develop. 


1. Practice Effective Communication When You Study Business Administration in Rome

Whether with customers or among colleagues, one of the cornerstones of success in any business environment is the ability to communicate effectively. JCU's Business Administration program places a strong emphasis on honing students' communication skills, ensuring they can efficiently convey ideas.

Students have many opportunities to polish their verbal and written communication skills in engaging class discussions and in research papers. Business Administration students at JCU learn to articulate their thoughts, negotiate with peers, and present ideas persuasively. The program recognizes that effective communication is about expressing oneself and about actively listening and understanding diverse perspectives – a skill vital for navigating the increasingly globalized landscape of the modern business world.


A business student at a university in Rome presenting in front of her classYou will acquire strong communication skills when you study business administration in Rome


2. Fortify Your Capacity for Strong Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

In the fast-paced business world, thinking critically and solving problems efficiently is a must-have skill. In any business - particularly when taking the lead, big decisions are made daily.  When you study Business Administration at our university in Rome, you’ll be prepared to make the right moves for the individual needs of any business.

Through active learning activities like real-world case studies and examining business scenarios, students exercise their analytical and strategic skills. Our students work with complex situations, learning to make data-driven decisions, evaluate risk, and devise innovative solutions. This emphasis on critical thinking equips graduates with the ability to adapt to unexpected challenges and make the right strategic moves to advance their careers and support the success of any organization they work with in the future. 


3. Learn Effective Teamwork and Collaboration

Success in the business world is rarely achieved through independent work alone. Recognizing the importance of collaboration, JCU's Business Administration program strongly emphasizes teamwork. When you study Business Administration in Rome, group projects, team assignments, and extracurricular activities will challenge you to collaborate effectively with diverse personalities, all of whom bring unique skills and abilities to the table - much like those you’ll use to collaborate within the business world. The ‘learn by doing’ philosophy at JCU also instills leadership qualities as students confidently navigate group dynamics.


A group of business students at a university in Rome participating in an international panel activityStudents at our university in Rome are encouraged to collaborate


Today’s employer values effective collaboration as it fosters innovation and productivity. So, JCU ensures that our graduates can seamlessly integrate into professional environments, contribute to team success, and thrive in collaborative work cultures. The Business Administration program at JCU is a holistic learning experience that shapes students into well-rounded professionals.

By focusing on essential soft skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, and teamwork, we ensure that graduates are knowledgeable in business concepts and equipped with the skills necessary to take charge and thrive in the dynamic and competitive business world.


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