3 Benefits of Learning Digital Storytelling at a Rome University

August 20, 2021
Students working on a digital storytelling project

Digital storytelling is a creative and informative practice that can be applied to any number of professional fields. Whether you’re working in the film sector, academia, marketing, or NGOs, digital storytelling is a way to educate and engage with different communities. In our globalized world, digital media such as images, videos, and audio files have the capacity to reach new audiences. You can tell digital stories in various ways: through text on a webpage or social media platform, through images in a video, and through audio in a podcast. 

Students at John Cabot University have the opportunity to explore these concepts and techniques through our Digital Storytelling and Community Engagement program. In studying digital storytelling, students can expand their own realms of knowledge and empathy, while inspiring action in their audience. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of learning digital storytelling in today’s world!


1. Expanding Cultural Awareness

Digital stories offer more than just information or aesthetics. They are narratives presented in such a way as to guide the audience through a journey. Digital stories are made up of settings, plots, characters, and intentions. All of these features work to evoke an understanding or emotional response in the audience.

Today, digital stories can be used as a way of expanding cultural awareness. Traditionally, stories have served as vessels for personal and collective experiences. By sharing stories, people learn to identify with one another, and in doing so, expand their realms of empathy. To succeed in today’s globalized world, individuals must be able to listen to and communicate with people from all different backgrounds. Digital storytelling facilitates this process by exposing people to new ways of thinking, living, and interacting. Studying abroad at a university in Italy is a great way to kickstart this process and expose yourself to a world of new experiences. 


Page 9 communications (1)Expose yourself to new people and experiences when you study communications in Rome


2. Learn Practical Skills as You Study Communications in Rome 

If you’re aiming to expand your skills with further education or apply your knowledge to a professional career, studying Communications at JCU will equip you with the tools to succeed in the world of digital media. Whether your skills lie in creativity or problem-solving, digital storytelling has something for everyone. 

Students in the Digital Storytelling and Community Engagement course will have an understanding of the fundamental techniques involved in camerawork, lighting, audio recording and mixing, and digital video editing. These are valuable tools for delivering captivating stories that both instruct and entertain audiences. With the right technical knowledge, research, and writing skills, students can apply their abilities to work in a modern and dynamic field. For example, Devon Hyer, a JCU graduate with a major in Communications, went on to intern at Caffeina, a creative omnichannel agency. On working in this field, Devon said “All of the classes about writing for the media that I attended during my time at JCU were useful in preparation for this job. I feel very grateful to John Cabot for providing me the education I needed to get involved in a creative and international field.” 


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Digital storytelling offers a way of engaging with the world around you

3. Increasing Community Engagement 

If you choose to study Communications in Rome, you’ll learn how to engage with the fast-changing world of media. At John Cabot University, students are encouraged to use media art skills as a way of facilitating community interaction.  

In partnership with a local nonprofit that works with disadvantaged communities, students in our Digital Storytelling and Community Engagement program will work with the community to create collaborative documentary projects. The aim of the work is to privilege the community voice and allow others to engage with their stories. Students have the opportunity to learn from these voices and share them with others in a captivating medium. By exploring new avenues of communication, students feel empowered to take on leadership roles and exercise their ability to make a change in the world.



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